Rookie Blue

Five rookie cops are plunged into the high stakes world of big city policing – where even the smallest rookie mistake can have life-or-death consequences. 

About Rookie Blue

The soul of this close-knit group is 26-year old Andy McNally. She’s growing up fast, carrying a gun, and feeling like a fraud half the time. Andy is a real product of her experience. She comes from a copper family and this is all she’s ever wanted to be. Her dad was a cop too – although not exactly the best cop. Or the best father...

Traci Nash is Andy’s best friend from the police academy. She’s working class, from a tough neighbourhood, and she is also a single mother of a six-year old boy, a fact she's hiding from her colleagues.  Traci’s the balls of the operation: Jenny from the Block, with a Glock.

Chris Diaz is a poster boy for the police force.  He’s handsome, athletic, clean-cut; he believes in following orders, and defending the weak. But seeing the world in black and white the way Chris does can have dire repercussions in a very grey world.

Dov Epstein is the thrill-seeker in the group. Sickly as a kid, Dov spent many overprotected years in bed watching Starsky & Hutch, sucking on his asthma inhaler, drinking protein shakes and dreaming of busting out of Hebrew school. And now? He's jacked to be a cop. He couldn't be happier.

And then there’s Gail Peck, the politico. Unlike Andy, who Gail would dismiss as cop trash, Gail is cop royalty. Gail’s mother is a superintendent and her father is an inspector – and Gail isn’t going to let them down. No matter who she has to trample along the way.

Every copper says the real policing is done on the street – that’s where the danger is, that’s where the heart is, that’s where the humour is – that’s where it’s unpredictable and messy and real and fast, just like life.  Rookie Blue is a series about the competition and camaraderie of this rookie family – a series where Andy and her friends learn the hard way that no amount of training can prepare you for life. 



Open Windows

Season 6, Episode 1

Perfect Family

Season 6, Episode 2


Season 6, Episode 3

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