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The Detail - Coming Soon

Under the watchful eye of Staff Inspector Fiona Currie, Detectives Stevie Hall & Jack Cooper balance solving murders with the demands of their messy personal lives.

Coming soon to Universal Channel...

The Detail is a groundbreaking, female driven, serialized, police procedural chronicling the professional and personal lives of three various ranking Homicide Detectives who work within the Metropolitan Police Service. Detective Jacqueline “Jack” Cooper (Shenae Grimes-Beech) is an iconoclastic, street-smart rookie with savant investigative skills, and a messy personal life that threatens to explode at any moment. Her mentor, Detective Stevie Hall (Angela Griffin) is an experienced interrogator whose keen observation of the human condition allows her to flawlessly extricate information from suspects and witnesses alike – even while her complicated family life teeters on the edge of full-blown implosion. Overseen by their larger-than-life boss, Staff Inspector Fiona Currie (Wendy Crewson) is the formidable head of the unit who works overtime to keep the weekly case board clear and the streets safe. Each week, a new body lands on their desk, and it’s up to our trio to figure out the how and the why, by delving into the people and places that make murder a daily occurrence in this realistic diverse urban setting. With help from their colleagues; a haunted gruff sergeant with a past, and a slick social climber detective with a knack for the technical, this Homicide Division is steadfast in their devotion to solving every death before week’s end - until an eerie cold case with a personal connection rears its head after the perpetrator claims a new young victim.