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Meet Tumi | 100% Character Uncovered

Universal Channel is shining a light on people from around Africa who inspire others through their determination and extraordinary character. These rare individuals have the spark to dream big, matched with a steely resolve to pursue that dream with unwavering commitment. They are authentic, talented and have 100% character.




What does it take to chase your dream against the odds?


Boitumelo Katisi (‘Tumi to her friends!) is an inspirational 23 Year old South African who has fought against the odds to achieve her dream of becoming a pilot.  It is highly unusual to see women pilots in Africa and as it stands today she is one of only 2% of black women pilots in South Africa, out of an incredible17 000 pilots.


It was difficult for Tumi to convince her mother about her dream. Her mother had the added responsibility of raising her late uncle’s children, so funding her private pilot’s licence was a big challenge for her family. Tumi perservered and eventually got sponsorship when she made a passionate  appeal through a local radio station.


After an enormous amount of hard work and dedication Tumi secured her pilot license. Today, Tumi inspires other women to enter the profession and also works as a motivational speaker, encouraging young women to pursue their dreams. She wants to encourage young aspiring aviators like herself in a few years to get their pilot licences as she understands how expensive it is and how difficult it is to get funding.


Tumi continues to fly and remains an inspiration for South Africans today