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Meet Roger Finch | 100% Character Uncovered

What does it take to find light in the darkness?




If you were to ever meet Roger Finch, the first thing that would strike you is his incredible humility & positivity. He is someone of truly extraordinary resolve, who has never let adversity hold him back on his quite remarkable journey of achievement. If ever there was someone that personified 100% character – it’s Roger.


Roger had a life changing accident when he fell off a horse and broke his pelvis and was paralysed from the waist down. For months whilst having treatment he had to lie completely still, leading to boredom, which led to depression. Determined to pick himself up, he used swimming as way to rehabilitate himself. He found that as his love of swimming grew, so did the idea of attempting something big - to swim across the English Channel.


Following the success of completing the swim across English Channel (which has a 90% failure rate) he went on to swim the Catalina Channel and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim – which made him the first and only South African to complete the Triple Crown in Open Water. This is a huge accomplishment, not only because of the setbacks that he has endured but as many of these swims were done after Roger reached the age of 50.


Undeterred by a recent stroke, Roger’s passion for swimming is greater than ever. He has a particular love of midnight swims in really cold waters and it is during these swims that he has time to reflect on his life. He considers himself extremely lucky to be able to do what he does and be at one with the world around him. As the man himself says “it doesn’t cost you anything to appreciate life. That’s the beauty”.