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Meet Lebang Nong | 100% Character Uncovered

What does it take to unlock the dreams of a generation?



It takes a certain type of person in life to stand up and be counted, and do this this at the tender age of 17 is quite simply exceptional.  Which is just  one of the many  ways you could use to describe Lebang Nong.  In 2004, his maths teacher was involved in a car accident, leaving his class  struggling with the prospect of having no teacher to teach them. As a result his classmates contemplated dropping the subject which became his inspiration to stand up and start tutoring his classmates. His gift for Maths and inspirational and friendly personality saw him being able to teach his fellow students a curriculum he was still to learn himself.


But this was only the beginning for Lebang. His classes proved so inspirational that other students from other schools came to join his classes. Not only was Lebang starting to make a name for himself, but his efforts were bearing fruit as the students he was teaching went on to  become some of the top performing students in Soweto.


Using his classes as a springboard he went on to become the Founder and Chairperson of Katleho Pele Education, a Non Profit Organisation which he founded in 2006. Lebang’s foundation tutors students in Mathematics right the way across the education spectrum from Primary school students all the way to University undergraduates. Along the way his contributions towards education have seen him recognised as one of the  brightest young minds in South Africa and amongst a whole host of accolades was listed as part of Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans 2013. His passion for the development of education amongst youth is incredible and today his organisation has turned failing students across Soweto into A students. His foundation has helped over 15,000 students to this day.


He is highly driven to continue to produce top students in Soweto, and also to expand by  producing top students in Gauteng and South Africa. Lebangs says that when he teaches he is “fighting against the limitations of what life might be” and some of his previously underperforming students under his guidance have gone on to excel in careers as wide ranging as engineering, accounting and legal professions. Proving that circumstance might have written your past, but with a step up from someone as passionate and inspirational as Lebang on your side you can change your future!