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Christmas in Wonderland

Three kids who've moved to Canada from LA find some counterfeit cash and go on a shopping spree while evading the crooks who want the money back.

About Christmas in Wonderland

It's Christmas Eve, and Wayne has just relocated his family - wife Judy and three kids Danny, Mary and Brian - to Southern California from New York. Unfortunately, he was layed off his job soon after arriving. When Judy phones to say she's snowed in at JFK, Wayne trucks the kids off to the mall to buy the tree and presents. Saddened by her dad's job loss, Mary asks the department store Santa for a million dollars for her dad. 

Minutes later, two bumbling thugs, Leo and Sheldon hand Cruella-De Ville-type Ginger Peachum a bag stuffed with counterfeit bills. Leo knocks it over a railing, and it falls at Mary's feet. She and Brian grab it, decide Santa sent it, and head off on a spending spree at every shop in the mall. They give their address for delivery of a huge TV. 
Meanwhile Treasury Agent Gordon McLoosh confers with mall guard Elliot Block and others, all tipped to the counterfeit cash. Gordon sends agents who search and trash the Sussman house. Using a snapshot to ID Wayne, they grab and interrogate him. Mary and Brian, who witness the arrest of their dad, suddenly realize they've been using phony bills. 

Outrunning the crooks - not to mention a resident Mall Ghost! - the chase leads though a stock room, where Brian opens the wrong door to catch a fleeting glimpse of Santa's North Pole. The kids rustle up the cash to clear Wayne, but the three crooks find them again. Ginger grabs Mary, pulls a knife, and grabs the cash. The kids give chase, a tussle ensues, and Mary, Ginger and Sheldon wind up falling into the helium sleigh in the mall atrium. Brian rescues Mary, the sleigh crashes to earth, and McLoosh grabs Ginger red-handed. 

Reunited with his kids, Wayne - now cleared of all charges - joyfully embraces all. They're too exhausted and stunned to clean up their trashed house. The next day, with Judy now home, they discover that Santa has been there first-cleaned everything, supplied tree and presents and a note for Mary.