All I Want for Christmas

An attractive but self-centred young woman unexpectedly meets Santa's helper, St Nick, who grants her an extraordinary Christmas wish.

About All I Want for Christmas

ELIZABETH (Melissa Sagemiller) is a lawyer skilled at persuading women and men alike, not only as a vocation, but as a way of life. Simply put, she is smart, aggressive and self-centered, focused more on her career and success then being an all around good person. Now, just weeks before Christmas, her boss, CHARLES (Tom Arnold), tells Elizabeth she must really “listen” to others and understand what is means to put the group before the individual. He adds a new associate to the team named ROBERT (Brad Rowe) to help make this happen for the team.  Elizabeth attempts to get to know Robert, but competition is in the air.

While Holiday shopping and trying to get her mind off things, Elizabeth runs into, or rather, meets a cute little Santa’s helper, CALVIN (Martin Klebba).  After hearing her dilemma, Calvin grants Elizabeth her wish, to really understand and “hear” people, and not simply objectify them. As a “gift,” she is given a magical Christmas pin to wear.

The next day, on the way to work, Elizabeth encounters numerous people and can hear their thoughts, everything from bad hair days, weight issues and clothing to how rude she can be simply on her daily routine. This proves to be a revelation for her when she hears the thoughts of her co-workers, assistant, even Charles!

Confused and unsure if she is losing her mind, Elizabeth tracks down her sister. After telling her what is happening, all she can do is laugh. She thinks if this is really true, this is the best gift a woman like her sister could get at Christmas.

Elizabeth hears co-workers thoughts and uses their ideas to not only become a better person, but also begin to develop real friendships with her co-workers. But as she spends more time with Robert, she is attracted to him.

Elizabeth and Robert slowly bond and begin to spend more time together, and ultimately they kiss. She manages to win over a big, new prospective client for the firm who she insulted earlier and later regrets her past selfishness.

Elizabeth must listen to everyone around her in order help company during the holidays and learn the true mean of Christmas !